Find your best candidates faster using Mazzarro

Build a faster & fairer hiring process with Mazzarro. Our software facilitates one-way video interviews to help you scale your hiring process easily.

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Decrease in time to hire


Reduction in Bad Hires

1 Month

Time to achieve 100% ROI on our monthly plans

Why use Mazzarro?

70% Decrease in time to hire

A vast reduction in the time spent recruiting for an individual role. Place more candidates with the same recruiting team.

Built for High Volume Hiring Processes

We worked for years in-house recruiting at scale. We know the challenges and built the tool we wish we had.

Reduce leakage in recruiting funnel

Get back to applicants immediately with a video interview link & retain more candidates through the recruitment process.

One-way video interviewing platform

Mazzarro enables a faster, fairer, friendlier hiring experience for hiring teams and candidates alike. On one platform, you can move the needle on your most pressing hiring challenges, from time-to-hire to candidate experience all by leveraging our one-way video interviewing platform.

Isn't that just like Zoom/Teams? Not quite. Mazzarro lets you create on demand interviews which you build out once, receive a unique link and then send to candidates. Candidates can complete these interviews by recording their response at a time which suits them and you don't have to be there while it happens.


Post your job advert to job boards and your careers page using your existing tools. Once the applications roll in, screen them using Mazzarro's video interviewing technology.


Send your candidates a link to complete a Mazzarro interview. This will let them answer the questions you set for them to their webcam under timed conditions.


Leave review information about the candidates including star ratings, comments and more. With this in hand, go get your next star contributor!

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Hire at scale in a fraction of the time

High volume hiring is a complex process, but Mazzarro helps recruitment teams evaluate for operations staff efficiently and effectively at scale.

Mazzarro's proprietary technology will help you gain competitive advantage in your recruiting process, ensuring that your direct brand representatives are building high-value, long-term customer relationships for your business.

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Scale lightning fast with our video interviewing technology

Speed and Time-to-Hire

Greatly reduce time to hire for new personnel as you remove the need to schedule 1-on-1 phone screening interviews or live video interviews. Simply send candidates your Mazzarro link and check your account to review the responses. Spend less time interviewing unsuitable candidates and have more time to place your best ones.

Place More Candidates With Mazzarro

Using Mazzarro allows you to get more out of your recruiting team without expanding. Enable your recruitment teams to process and place up to 40% more candidates by freeing them from non-value adding activities like scheduling phone interviews, especially when most phone interviews are with candidates you won't hire.

Reduce Leakage in Your Recruitment Process

Find the best talent faster by removing the need to wait for a convenient time to have an in person interview, then progress candidates from the first Mazzarro interview immediately to avoid leakage in the recruitment process. Recruitment processes which are slow to progress candidates lose a great number of them from the process.

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